Ego Is Not Your Amigo: Seven Lessons I Learned On Vacation

For me, the goal of a vacation is to ‘recharge and refuel’. Rather than lying on the couch binging Netflix for a week, I prefer exercise for my body (road trips, sunshine, and the beach) and my mind (books, podcasts, and journaling). Especially this month, it not only helped me recharge, but it also helped me learn (or re-learn) at least seven important things. Whether you run a business, a team, a program, or a family… I hope they’ll be helpful to you, too. 

  1. There’s a difference between being busy and being productive. A stack of sticky notes and a cloud of dust are not true indicators of productivity. The more I can tame my Monkey Mind, the clearer and more productive my hustle becomes. 
  2. There’s a difference between being at peace and being still. When I can sit still on the outside, but not calm my mind or my spirit, it’s time to reboot. And if it’s bad enough that I recognize it, everyone around me has recognized it. Conversely, I can also be moving and hustling and grinding it out (which can look like a frenzy), but have a strong internal sense of peace and clarity. 
  3. Growth and change requires movement. And movement causes friction. Always. Sometimes people around you may feel friction around you and not really understand that it’s the result of ‘movement’. And since most of us are afraid of change, communication is the key. Always. 
  4. When you think you’ve done all you can do, you’ve done about 40% of what you’re capable of. Author and Navy Seal, David Goggins spoke this into my ears months ago. I’m just now realizing how true it is. Whether it’s push ups or emails or sales calls, I can train myself to do ‘just one more’ in everything I do. It not only produces results, but it trains my mindset to ignore difficulty and just to the work. 
  5. Ego is not your amigo. Most of us (myself included) were raised in a world where the Alpha Male or Alpha Female model was an egocentric rhino who threw their weight around and established dominance. In today’s social economy, we have to value people over production. Empathy (EQ) beats IQ every day. Ego is tool we use to disguise our shortcomings… it’s insecurity with makeup on.
  6. In order to fly, you have to break the law (of gravity). Everyone wants to fly but very few people are brave enough to break the rules. We talk a good game, but fear and insecurity hold us back. Remember the Wright brothers? They moved from their hometown of Dayton, Ohio to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina for two very specific reasons: The grass was softer to crash on, and the wind was better. Sometimes in order to really fly, to just have to move on. 
  7. The hard part is not knowing how to get where you want to go. That’s easy. In 2019, ignorance is an excuse. Anything you want to do is just a Google or YouTube search away. Figuring out how to get there is the easy part. The hard part is deciding what to leave behind. You can’t move into the future and rely on past knowledge and skill. What you lay down is equally important as what you’re picking up. 

Having a block of time to recharge and refuel is something we all need. For me, I always come away with greater clarity and vision of where to put my energy and talents… and motivation to keep pursuing what I’m called to do. 

I’d love to know which of those seven resonate most with you! 

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