Reckless Optimism

Realism = Optimism

Like most of us, I’ve been called lots of things. Some good, some terrible, and some were just well-intentioned… but hurtful. People I looked up to used to call me a dreamer. But the more perspective I get in the world, I’ve begun to see I’m actually a REALIST. 

The reality is you find whatever you’re looking for. You know the whole ‘seek and you shall find’ thing? It’s legit. And when I’m frustrated and focused on crappy things (or people) in the world, you know what I find? More crap. More frustration. More things for me to feel superior over. 

But when I focus on all the good things, the amazing people, the blessings… EVERYTHING changes. The REALITY becomes that I get to see everything else around me that’s filled with beauty and wonder and goodness. Not 0nly does it change my outlook and the way I treat/see people, it changes the actual chemistry in my brain and body. 

So, I’ve decided to practice reckless optimism. I still believe most people are good, that I have a million more things to be thankful for than to complain about, and that as Impactivists we can take charge of our own lives and have an impact on others’. 

I know this is long, but if you’re still reading… I’m proud of you. Keep going. Love those around you with no strings attached. Give without expecting anything in return, and dance like no one’s watching. (They’re all on their phones anyway…)

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