Creativity Hack #14: The Paper Clip Test

Pssst… this excerpt is taken from my new book ‘Unleashing Your Creativity: Lessons From A Reluctant Creative”. If you want more (like a FREE sample), just click here.
14. Take the Paper Clip Test. One of the best exercises I know to help jumpstart your creative juices is something called the paper clip test. It’s quite literally one of the easiest ways to think differently (known as divergent thinking in meta-cognition circles). Take a simple paper clip. What can you do with it? I know, I know… you can clip papers together, or you can reset a smoke detector, or… well… that’s about it. Or is it?

Come up with as many ideas as you can— nothing is off limits! It turns out most people can only think of about 10-15 ideas. But not you. You’re reading this book. You’re tuned in to strengthening your creative muscle. You’re building a creative tribe. So what can you do? It’s no surprise that kids do a better job at this than the average adult, but you’re not average.  By the way, I’ve seen some people come up with as many as 200 uses! Give it a go! It’s a great way to open up your creative thinking and apply it to any project you’re struggling with.

And YES. That image is a life-size statue made of paper clips! #ftw

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It’s official! The new book “Unleashing Your Creativity: Lessons From A Reluctant Creative” is out NOW.

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Unleashing Your Creativity is the story of my own struggles with fear and resistance. It’s an account of how FIVE simple words changed my perspective on how to have a richer, more creative life. It’s about the rewards of trusting your own creative gifting.

I’ve also included some strategies I’ve learned to help grow my own ‘creative muscle’!

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2016 Texas Songwriter Association Awards

I was pretty blown away a few weeks ago. In December, I submitted 11 songs to the Texas Songwriter Association (aka Austin Songwriters Group) song contest. The week before the awards ceremony, I got word that TEN of them made the finals in various categories. You can imagine how BLOWN AWAY I was to receive SIX awards last Wednesday night…it’s an honor to be involved in a community of such talent and creativity. Thanks to everyone for your support!

The songs were:
1. The Devil I Know (1st Place, Pop/Rock Category)
2. The Devil I Know (2nd Place, Angels & Outlaws Category)
3. The Devil I Know (3rd Place, Blues/Jazz Category)
4. Beautiful (Honorable Mention, Love Songs Category)
5. Beautiful (Honorable Mention, Family Songs)
6. Lacrimosa (Honorable Mention, Inspirational Songs Category)

There are also some things in the works with some new songs (“How The Light Gets In” and “On the Inside”), some co-writing and collaborating over the next few weeks with Kathy Gordon, Mark Lambert, and one of my new friends, Melissa Marks!

Here’s to the blessings and opportunities of a new year!

See you soon,