Working From Home, Tip #1: Get Clarity

When CoVid-19 took over our lives in March 2020, I began making notes about working from home… good and bad. Along the way, I’ve picked up at least TEN things that help make me productive while working from home, that I want to share with you.

These 10 things have really helped me a LOT over the past several years, and I’m only sharing them out of personal experience, because I hope they’ll serve you well.

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter if you’re working in an office or from the kitchen table. Many of the same rules still apply. A lot of it is common sense, but it’s not common practice. You have to put in the same habits and practices you put in at an office. And I know lots of people who struggle with being disciplined even when sitting in a corporate office somewhere.

What’s happening right now is that our habits are showing. Our conditioning is showing..

It’s like the guy with all the muscles at the gym. He looks great. He’s got great abs and shoulders… but when a skinny, scrawny, thief takes off running with his wallet, all of a sudden the beefcake guy has to start running after him. And after 3 minutes of a full-on sprint chasing the crook, he realizes he should’ve done more cardio. And he finds himslef half a mile down the street, panting and out of gas.

Our conditioning is showing. That’s not a dig. That’s not a criticism. It’s just reality. It is what it is. The state of the world right now may have changed us in some ways, but it’s primarily just EXPOSED us. Our habits are showing.

Right now, a lot of us have a real GIFT. We have the gift of time. We have the opportunity to intentionally create the habits and the environment that’s most successful for US. I promise you, if you’ll take these 10 things and start implementing them into your routine, as best as you can, you’re going to be more productive. You’re going to feel better about yourself. You’ll be more productive and creative… and you’ll show up better for your family and loved ones.

Those of you who know me have heard me say this: “I wanna rig the game so I can win.” Right? I wanna rig the game so I can win. In other words, I wanna set up my days, my habits, my opportunities in such a way that it makes it easier to reach my goals. Not harder. I want to create an environment around me in such a way that I can accomplish what I’m after and serve those around me, help them accomplish their goals. Right? Like, why would I make it HARDER on myself if I could rig it so it’s EASIER and more successful?

So… let’s jump in.

Get clarity. You have to establish your weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. I don’t care if it’s in a cubicle some where downtown, or from your kitchen table, if you don’t have clear, intentional goals on what you need to accomplish, what you want to accomplish, it’s never gonna happen. When you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.

I hear so many people saying things like “Working from home is so hard… there’s interruptions, there’s zoom meetings, there’s distractions… ”

Sure, it’s hard. It’s always been hard… that’s why it’s called ‘work’. And I’ve just asked them, “So what are your weekly goals?”. You know what their responses have been?

“Oh… you know… I’ve got some emails I need to send out.. I gotta make a couple of phone calls. I’m doing a lot of virtual Zoom meetings… that kind of thing.”

If you’ve ever been in that space, you know it’s not that things are hard. You know it’s that you don’t know what you want. That’s the problem. You don’t have clarity. If there’s no clarity, there’s no change. No goals. No growth. If your only goal is to drift through the day with a few emails and to zombie your way through a Zoom meeting, then you’re gonna you’re gonna not be motivated.

Instead, get crystal clear on whatever your goals are. Things like:

-I want to connect with 10 new potential clients this week.

I want to write 5 new pages for my book today.

-I want to learn how to create a click funnel or build a website in the next 2 weeks.

I want to balance this spreadsheet by Thursday at noon.

Bottom line. Get crystal clear about what your goals are. Make it clear and measurable. You’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll be more productive. Get. Clarity.

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