Working From Home, Tip #2: Ask The Right Questions

Tip #2 is simple. I start my work day with 2 questions: What do I need to accomplish? And what’s going to trip me up?

I keep a daily and weekly to-do list… (that’s my personal list to the left.)

Being able to identify potential problems, what could trip me up, has been HUGE for me. Thinking ahead. Before I ever get started in my day and identifying things like interruptions from social media, interruptions from my kids, or unplanned phone calls or texts. Do I have any virtual meetings today? And if so, who’s in that meeting that might need some help staying on track? Who might tend to dominate the conversation that I can help gently re-direct to keep things moving forward? I ask myself, ‘If _____ happens, how would my best self handle that? What would the best version of me do in order to keep things moving in a positive, productive direction?

Beginning to develop that muscle of looking down the road and predicting what might become a stumbling point, so that if or when it happens, I already have a strategy or a tool to manage it.

That’s helped me a TON. Maybe it will help you. Whether it’s on a sticky note on your computer, or an item in your daily calendar, or a list on your phone, start your work time with those two simple questions: What do I need to accomplish? And what’s going to trip me up?

You’ve heard the saying ‘the best offense is a good defense’? Well sometimes, the best offense is just a good offense.

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