Working From Home, Tip #5: Involve Your Family

An often-overlooked no-brainer is the simple task of scheduling time with the family. As things evolve in our post-Covid world, everyone is dealing with uncertainty and unknowns. Be sure to give those around you as much information as you can as to what to expect right now. Talk to them about what you’re doing.

“Hey, kids. This week, mom has to be in a meeting during lunchtimes, so at 11:00 get your lunch from the refrigerator.”

“Dad has to be on conference calls in the morning.”

“Makayla has her Zoom meeting for her hardest class at 10:20, so Dad needs to be on standby to help if she needs it.”

Whatever it is for you. The main thing for us has been making sure we communicate with everyone in the house, so we’re all aware of what each of us needs. That way everyone is on the same page, and everyone understands what each other needs.

I talk to my kids about my morning routine so they understand what I’m up to (and to hopefully build in good habits with them as well). I talk about my work schedule and listen to them tell me about their school (at home) schedule. We talk about our ‘interruption rules’.

I tell Heather or the kids, “Hey, I’m going out into the studio. I’ll be back in an hour.”

Or… “look.. I get up around 5:30 so I can work out, do my bulletproof coffee, hydrate, and get in my morning inspiration time, like Morning Pages, prayer, meditation, whatever.. so if you see me out in the backyard before 7:30 or so.. and you need something.. try to wait until I come back into the house.”

Or… “Hey.. your brother isn’t a morning person. Just because he’s up, doesn’t mean he wants to talk and chat about the movie you watched last night… give him time. When he’s ready to socialize, he’ll come out of his room. That’s the schedule he needs to operate on right now… you know? Give him some space..”

Are there things YOU do with your family during this time that has made life easier? What are they? What should we add to the list?

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