Your Mess Doesn’t Invalidate You


This pandemic may have changed us in some ways. But more than that, I think it exposed us.

See, we were covering up the things that weren’t working. We’d become masters of misdirection in such a way that no one could see the toxic and broken things in our lives. When relationships and habits can be covered up with busyness, nothing gets fixed. The roots only continue to grow deeper.

But when the busyness is stripped away and forced isolation becomes our routine, well… the things that are hiding in the dark begin to creep into the light (kind of like those super creepy zombies in Will Smith’s film, I Am Legend).

And in the last year I’ve had countless conversations with friends whose struggles and anxieties have floated to the top of their world an can no longer be ignored.






Wherever you are today, I hope you remember that your mess doesn’t invalidate you.

This isn’t the end of the story… it’s only the middle. And you’re not alone. Your gifts, your strengths, your insights, your passions, your creativity… everything you’ve been given is still valid. Your struggle is only one facet of who you are.

Like a diamond that has many, many sides, some may be perfect while others may be scratched and chipped. But when you’re standing in the Light, you’re beautiful.

Including the mess.

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